Learning Disability Self-Assessment Framework shows some progress, but still more to be done


The publication of Valuing People Now in 2009  signalled a renewed focus on delivery of the key objectives of the 2001 White Paper. To reinforce this focus, the Government introduced two self-assessment frameworks for health and local authorities to complete. We have posted previously about the progress of partnership boards using this framework Method The [read the full story...]

Comparison of chlorhexidine application methods on dental health of people with Down syndrome


Periodontal disease refers to issues relating to or affecting the tissues surrounding the neck and root of a tooth, It is a significant oral health problem for people with Down syndrome. It can be a cause of tooth loss and has a number of contributing factors, which includes poor oral hygiene. Antimicrobial agents like chlorhexidine [read the full story...]

Severe poverty associated with increased risk of hate crime against people with disabilities


People with disabilities are at increased risk of violence. Mencap’s end hate crime campaign, Stand By Me campaign suggested that as many as 9 out of 10 people with a learning disability had been a victim of hate crime and bullying. A recent systematic review (Hughes et al) suggested that adults with disabilities were at [read the full story...]

Costs of CBT for anger management tested against ‘as usual’ day service

therapy_group+shutterstock_174167813 (2)

Last week we posted about the publication of a new manual for therapists engaged in providing cognitive behavioural therapy to people with learning disabilities . In that post, we drew attention to two randomised trials that had been done in the early 2000’s whose findings were m anger – encouraging. This latest study adds a [read the full story...]

Bradley report commission identifies solid progress, but still work to be done


Five years ago, Lord Bradley published his report looking at the situation of people with mental health problems and people with learning disabilities in the criminal justice system. The Bradley report made a number of recommendations and this summer sees the publication of a progress report on these recommendations. The Bradley commission, established as an [read the full story...]

New manual for cognitive behavioural treatment in people with learning disabilities published online


Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is used in mainstream services and the evidence for its effectiveness is growing. For people with learning disabilities, there is a growing evidence base for in relation to psychological interventions more generally, although much of the much of the research on CBT has come from forensic secure units. CBT Randomised controlled [read the full story...]

Mindfulness based stress reduction for parents also impacted on child behaviour


Stress associated with being the parent of a child with learning disabilities is well documented. Mencap’s Breaking Point campaign has highlighted this very clearly. Their survey of families found more than 9 out of 10 family carers reported high levels of stress with over half of family carers either having given up, or considering giving [read the full story...]

Positive mental health for people with learning disabilities is aim of new report


There is evidence that the people with learning disabilities have a higher prevalence of mental health issues than those in the general population. The rate of dementia is higher and people with Down syndrome are at particularly high risk of developing dementia, with a much earlier age of onset. The most recent guide for commissioners [read the full story...]

Challenges in respecting autonomy in end-of-life care of people with learning disabilities


Autonomy is defined as the freedom to determine one’s own actions or behaviour. It is a value at the heart of health and social care support and those supporting people with learning disabilities are constantly striving to maintain and indeed increase the autonomy of those they provide help to. The authors of this Netherlands based [read the full story...]

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CQC and CBF publish ‘Three Lives’ Report with commitments to action


A short while ago, the Learning Disabilities Elf made a small contribution to the Justice for LB campaign by trying to draw attention once again to the evidence base. Wednesday (day 91) saw the publication of a key report from the Care Quality Commission and Challenging Behaviour Foundation, which tells the stories of three young [read the full story...]